Friday, 6 November 2009

New blog for SSY

After setting up this blog, we've made an ever better one at . It looks awesome, and is updated regularly. This blog is now defunct.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Welcome to SSY Leftfield

Hello and welcome to the brand spanking new leftfield blog! This site acts as the mouthpiece for members of Scottish Socialist Youth (SSY). Although articles here will generally keep in line with SSY's anti-capitalist, anti-racist, feminist outlook, the editors must make clear that we value political pluralism – I.e. if you have beef with what someone has said, blame it on them, not on SSY.

Well with all of that out the way, let's say a bit more about how we see things. Scotland is a country rich in natural resources and human talent. However, not everyone in Scotland benefits from these resources like they should. The wealth of Scotland is concentrated in the hands of a mega-rich minority, whilst thousands of people live in poverty.

At the same time Scottish troops – mostly young and working class – die in wars for oil and control of these natural resources in Afghanistan and Iraq, to keep a small minority of billionaires in control of the world. These billionaires organise the economy like a casino, gambling millions without considering who or what gets in the way.

SSY fights for Socialism, to radically overhaul society in the interests of the millions and not the millionaires, to declare war on poverty, not the middle east, for all young people in Scotland to have the right to a fully free education, and an end to low paid, slave wage jobs.

We fight for a Scotland that instead of sending troops to invade Iraq and host Britain's nuclear weapons acts as a symbol for justice in the world, in solidarity with people across the globe from Gaza to Athens, Venezuela to Paris against exploitation, racism, war and sexism.

SSY fights alongside the SSP, Scotland's Socialist Party to build a movement that will defend young people and create a future for them worth fighting for. If you agree with what we've said – or even just most of it! - then join SSY and help us fight against poverty and war, or leave the blog a few comments/give us love on Bebo.